Oh, and I’ll be deleting my old facebook soon. My boyfriend’s mom found it lmao… so if you have my Aléjandra G_____ facebook, ask me for my birth name FB.

Sorry if we used to be friends. I am pretty much entirely dedicating my life to my career and to church. The best way to reach me is via facebook or my phone. You can message me privately if you’d like either of those things.




This is the most perfect set of pictures I’ve ever seen


sagittarius are extremely restless and tend to believe the grass is always greener elsewhere. they enjoy the challenge of learning and many prolong their studies for as long as possible. sagittarius become the higher educators, the lecturers, academics, the philosophers and professors, usually attaching themselves to the opportunity of life long mental expansion

all i want in life is to be a mom and a millionaire

how the fuck do you go from planning our wedding and baby names to flat out disrespecting me and refusing to make a simple apology when you cross a line.

this all happened in like the matter of an hour. wtf. i dont understand white men and their egos and pride or whatever. all he had to do was say im sorry when i asked him to and we would have been ok. but no. instead i get an unwanted kiss and a bitchy phone call 5 minutes later.

i dont think so…


Miss Grundy breaking hearts and catching NO feelings


Miss Grundy breaking hearts and catching NO feelings

who the fuck reblogged that last post are you fuckin serious that was clearly something personal. thanks for getting a bunch of porn blogs to follow me =\